Bertemankan al-Quran

Jam 12.40mlm, tiba2 dapat mesej ini dari seorang kawan. Sebelum bukak mesej, mula tu tertanya2 dalam hati..'eh pe hal malam2 ni?'.. lepas baca, terus copy untuk share di blog.. Thanx kak As..:-)

Sharing this beautiful message:

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if we treated the Quran the way we treat our mobile phone???

What if we can carry it with us wherever we go; In our bags ... & our pockets?

What if we looked at the pages several times a day?

What if we went back to take it if forgotten?

What if we treated as though we cannot live without it..?
- And really, we cannot live without it!..

What if we give it to our children as gifts??

What if we read it while travelling???

What if we made it a priority everyday??

Let our logo be
" Quran is my best friend."

Only 7% will re- send the
message. Be amongst them & send it to the largest possible number of people. Don't be of the 93% who will not share this message .....

Think .. Even once ..  (Day of Judgment) we will realise we opened messages from friends daily ...

We shared/forwarded the jokes & gossips ...

But how many times do we
open the Quran and read the messages sent from Allah Subhaanallah Ta'ala Himself? "

If you, your friends👬 .... and family 👪..., share this reminder with them!!!

Do not send later. Send now.
May Allah grant success to everyone who reads and sends.

Kak As telah kembali ke rahmatullah baru-baru ini. Semoga roh arwah bersama orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh...aamiin

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